Steam generating cassette VÖHRINGER

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Vöhringer steam generating cassettes consist of thin steel plates welded together. The purpose of these sauna accessories is to accelerate the evaporation of water from the heater and to obtain a large volume of finely dispersed steam. The cassettes are installed in the stove around the walls of the firebox and laid with stones. When lighting a fire, the steel surface heats up quickly and helps the stones heat up. After water supply, the temperature of the plates is immediately restored. Due to the constant high temperature in the stove, bathers can receive an unlimited amount of light healing steam.

Due to the frequent change of cold and heat, stones begin to crack over time, particles of stone dust get into the air of the steam room. Steam generating cassettes help to reduce the load on the stone mass and increase the life of the laid stones. The third advantage of cassettes is complete evaporation of water. The ribbed steel surface prevents liquid from draining to the bottom of the tank. Absolutely all the water that gets into the stove turns into steam.

Equipment: steam generating cassette; funnel for water supply to the cassette.

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