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The Vöhringer furnace portal is a U-shaped structure designed to highlight the beauty of the remote firebox and protect the surrounding surfaces from hot sparks. Stove cladding can hide mounting gaps, accentuate the style of the interior, or act as the main decoration of a room.

For the PF series furnaces, the manufacturer Vöhringer produces portals made of natural marble, coil and jadeite. Cladding materials enter the plant in slabs, the blanks are cut into plates, which are then hung on the furnace.

The VÖHRINGER plant offers to buy a portal for a sauna stove in a state of complete readiness for installation. The kit includes stone slats and a metal frame with mounting holes. Installation takes place in two stages. First, a frame is attached to the firebox, then a cladding is hung on the supporting base. The lamellas are easily fixed with brackets, no additional tools or fasteners are needed.

Cladding: A natural stone Talcochlorite

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