Heating and cooking stove Vöhringer "NELZA" SE

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Cladding: A natural stone Serpentin

The wood-fired heating and cooking stove "Nelzha" is designed for cooking and heating rooms with a total volume of up to 150 m³. The equipment can be used as an additional or main source of heat in the house.

The furnace of the "Nelzha" furnace is made of steel grade AISI 439. The advantages of this alloy are high heat resistance and corrosion resistance. The firebox door has a wide fireproof glass insert. The hot zone of the firebox is rounded by a reservoir, into which up to 50 kg of stones can be placed. Active burning of wood in the stove continues for several hours. At this time, the stone mass absorbs heat, and after extinguishing, the stone continues to evenly warm the air for another 2-3 hours.

The cooking deck is made of cast iron, the combustion process is adjustable. Dishes can be fried on an intense flame or simmer for a long time on smoldering coals. You can heat rooms and cook food at the same time. The "Nelzha" model allows you to save on wood and is capable of performing all the functions of an electric cooker.

Vöhringer uses a natural coil for lining the furnace. The stone in slabs is cut into plates, which are hung on heating stoves for a house using the Lamel technology. A firebox in a stone frame not only perfectly fulfills the main functions, but also serves as an interior decoration.

Technical data

Heated volume up to 150m3

Weight of loaded stones 50kg

Firebox material Heat-resistant stainless steel AISI 439

Firebox thickness 3-4mm

Door material: Structural steel and heat-resistant glass

Cladding: A natural stone Serpentin

Mass with cladding: 125kg


Max length of firewood: 300mm

Chimney diameter: 115mm

Stiffening ribs of the firebox

VORTEX system

System "Clean glass"

Combustion regulation one air intake

Warranty: 36 month

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