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For customers wishing to improve the efficiency of steam room heating, Vöhringer offers an Economizer starting chimney. The device is designed to quickly warm up the room. In the shortest possible time, the sauna will create an atmosphere that is optimal for relaxing rest and vaping.

The body is a pipe with a diameter of 115 mm. Manufacturing material - structural steel. Inside the main channel of the chimney, 4 pipes of a smaller diameter with spiral diffusers are installed. After lighting a fire, gases enter the starting chimney from the stove. Inside the Economizer channel, the gases are split into 4 streams. Dividers slow down the movement of incandescent gases, forcing the flows to pass close to the inner walls of the pipes. Due to this, metal surfaces heat up faster and immediately give off heat to the air. Equipped with a gate, which is designed to regulate the draft and ensure the combustion process in furnaces and a convection regulator.

For the manufacture of cladding at our plant, natural stone is used: serpentine, jadeite, marble, "Petrified Wood" and combinations of these materials

The veneer is responsible for the aesthetic properties and also has a practical value. Protects against heat. The chimney lined with natural stone looks aesthetically pleasing, together with the stove it can act as the main decoration of the sauna.

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