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The natural stone cladding makes Vöhringer ovens look unique. The stone absorbs the warmth of living fire and gives it to the room for a long time. The pattern on the surface of each stone plate is unique, created by nature itself.Professional processing and polishing only emphasizes the natural beauty of natural stone.

For customers who want to increase the heating efficiency of their steam room, Vöhringer offers the Economizer starter chimney. The device is designed to quickly warm up the room. In the shortest possible time, the sauna will create an atmosphere that is optimal for relaxing and soaring.

The body of chimney is a pipe with a diameter of 115 mm. The material of manufacture is structural steel. Inside the main channel of the chimney, 4 pipes of smaller diameter with spiral dividers are installed. After the fire is lit, gases enter the starting chimney from the furnace. Inside the "Economizer" channel, gases are divided into 4 streams. Dividers slow down the movement of hot gases, make the flows pass close to the inner walls of the pipes. Due to this, metal surfaces heat up faster and immediately give off heat to the air.Equipped with a damper, which is designed to adjust the draft and ensure the combustion process in furnaces and a convection regulator.

Vöhringer steam generating cassettes consist of thin steel plates welded together. The task of these bath accessories is to accelerate the evaporation of water from the heater and obtain a large volume of fine steam. 

Cassettes are installed in the heater around the walls of the furnace and are laid with stones. When making a fire, the steel surface heats up quickly and helps heat the stones. After water supply, the temperature of the plates is immediately restored. Due to the constant high temperature in the heater, bathers can receive an unlimited amount of light healing steam.

Due to the frequent change of cold and heat, the stones begin to crack over time, particles of stone dust enter the air of the steam room. Steam generating cassettes help to reduce the load on the stone mass and increase the service life of the laid stones.

The third advantage of the cassettes is the complete evaporation of water. The ribbed steel surface prevents liquid from dripping to the bottom of the tank. Absolutely all the water that gets into the heater turns into steam.

PiF steam evaporators are devices for accelerated heating and humidification of air in steam rooms. Humidification occurs by converting boiling water into steam under the influence of heating from flue gases.

Vöhringer steam evaporators are chimneys with two dividers and double walls. Water is poured into the space between the outer and inner walls. When wood is burned, flue gases rise from the firebox into the chimney and heat it. The water in PiF boils and turns into steam, which comes out through a special hole.

Technical data

Heated volume up to 28m3

Modes: Russian sauna, Hamamm

Dimensions: 940х560х900mm

Weight of loaded stones 100kg

Screen size 360х400mm

Outrigger tunnel length 300mm

Firebox material 
Heat-resistant stainless steel AISI 439

Firebox thickness 3-4mm

Door material: Structural steel and heat-resistant glass

Cladding: A natural stone Talcochlorite

Mass with cladding: 125kg


Max length of firewood: 300mm

Chimney diameter: 115mm

Possibility to install steam generating cassettes: max 3 pcs

Warranty: 36 month


Stove with natural stone cladding

Possibility to install a chimney Economizer with lining

Possibility to install a portal in facing: "Lamel"

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