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A sauna, with a wood-burning stove, in which the entire firebox is surrounded by a stone, is the best one can afford.

The VÖHRINGER plant has been producing furnaces for a long time. We know that in order to create a relaxing and healing effect in a sauna, a special state of steam and special stoves are required. Even the metal used in the manufacture of the furnace furnace is heat-resistant stainless steel AISI 439, with a high safety factor up to 850 °.

The main task of the stove is to heat the stones inside the stove!

While the oven is warming up, you can enjoy the time watching the magnificent play of fire through the large glass.

Having put a VÖHRINGER stove in your sauna, in a natural stone cladding, you will not run in there to wash. You will experience true pleasure. These ovens are a perfect and high-quality product that, after just one heating, will provide you with pleasant steam for several hours.

VÖHRINGER stoves with a woodburning stove, in which the entire firebox is surrounded by a large mass of stones, heats up very much, and only a little wood is consumed, thanks to the complete combustion of flue gases by means of side and top combustion. Using the Vortex effect allows you to extract all the energy and direct it to heat a large number of stones.

Extract all the power of the stones with steam generating cassettes. They are installed around the furnace firebox, quickly recover and give out an unlimited amount of healing steam. They protect the firebox and preserve the integrity of the stone longer.

Leave the heating of the steam room for the chimney of the Economizer and Steam Evaporator - they will accelerate the heating and humidification of both the smallest and the largest steam rooms.

Thanks to the facing of natural stone using the Lamel technology, it brings an amazing, healing warmth, preserving, forever, an amazing look. The sauna stove from the VÖHRINGER factory, in the "Lamel" cladding, can be made of Jadeite or "Petrified Wood" stones, when the magnificent, purely individual ornament of the stone cut is transferred to the stove.

Do not forget to decorate the oven door with a decorative Portal in natural stone cladding. As a result, you have not only a sauna stove, but also a luxurious fireplace in the rest room.

VÖHRINGER is the best stove for the Russian sauna.

Technical data

Heated volume up to 28m3

Modes: Russian sauna, Hamamm

Dimensions: 940х560х900mm

Weight of loaded stones 100kg

Screen size 360х400mm

Outrigger tunnel length 300mm

Firebox material 
Heat-resistant stainless steel AISI 439

Firebox thickness 3-4mm

Door material: Structural steel and heat-resistant glass

Cladding: A natural stone Jade

Mass with cladding: 125kg


Max length of firewood: 300mm

Chimney diameter: 115mm

Possibility to install steam generating cassettes: max 3 pcs

Warranty: 36 month

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